Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meet Seumus

Have you ever though you might be the biggest Smitty's fan? Sometimes I think I am. Well, we might have a new contender for the title. Meet Seumus. This daring young man tried to make Smitty's history this week. 

He challenged himself to eat 3 King Tenderloins and a small french fry in One hour. 
You heard me right. ONE HOUR! 

He was all smiles before the countdown started.

The "before" picture...

Staying focused

The "after" picture

I am very sorry to admit it, but he didn't make it. We were all cheering him on. It was just a tad bit too much for one stomach to handle. He finished about two of the Kings and a half a fry. He promised he would be back to try the challenge again. We will keep you updated on the next attempt. 

1 comment:

  1. Pretty amazing!I can barely eat a small one! Is he still going to post it on you-tube?